Thursday, February 24, 2011

Bratislava's Art Scene

In a New York Times article, "Bratislava's Art Comes Out of the Shadows", Ginanne Brownell profiles the Bratislava art scene, highlighting the work of the HIT Gallery in particular and noting:

The Bratislava art scene has always played second fiddle to Vienna — a 45-minute drive from the Slovak capital — and Prague, which for generations was where Slovak artists decamped for cultural enlightenment. But these days, small galleries are starting to have a big impact not only on the local scene but on the regional one as well. HIT Gallery is one of the most influential....
HIT is unique to the small Slovak contemporary art scene in its commitment to exploring social, political and cultural boundaries.

The gallery was cofounded by Dorota Kenderova who now partners with artist Jaro Varga. According to Varga they “decided to change from being a gallery of emerging artists to a gallery of emerging ideas….We want to do big topics in a small gallery.”

Learn more about the gallery here.

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