Saturday, August 24, 2013

Exhibition shows face of Europe's youth

From Deutsche Welle

A young, blond saleswoman in a supermarket, part of the I am not afraid of anything photography exhibition by Edgar Zippel in Berlin's Museum for European Cultures, Copyright: Museum Europäischer Kulturen

What does Europe's youth look like? What do Europe's young people want? What are they afraid of? In Berlin, a photo exhibition shows 100 portraits of young people from seven countries. 

He could be a referee: black knee socks, black shorts and a sports jacket, a strong young man with dark hair and round face. He looks like he's about to walk, appearing relaxed yet slightly skeptical.

His name is Daniel. He was born in 1989, but definitely looks older. "High school student," reads the photo caption. And that's all we learn at first.

Photographer Edgar Zippel keeps the viewer guessing as to which country his 100 subjects, aged 18 to 24, come from: Moldova, Poland, Iceland, Great Britain, Portugal, Italy, or Germany.

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Friday, August 23, 2013

The best of European art scene 2013

From Arte Fuse

The best of European art scene 2013

If you want to plan a cultural evening in one of Europe’s cities, there are a lot of options at your disposal. All you need to do is to decide which city you want to visit, choose the best event and buy a plane ticket.

 Have a look at the list of cultural events in Europe that you can attend this year. The list includes the bets opera performances, music festivals, theatre and cinema.

Marseille, France

Eden Théâtre is one of the oldest cinema theatres in Europe. The Lumiere brothers opened this cinema in 1889, but it was closed a century later. 

However, this historic cinema is about to be reopened in October and the opening ceremony will attract a lot of Hollywood stars and movie directors.

 This theatre represents a historic milestone in cinema art. If you cannot imagine your life without cinematography, then you should try visiting this cinema theatre.

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Saturday, August 3, 2013

Support for the translation of European literature – Selection results out now!

This year the Culture Programme helps finance the translation of 493 books from one European language into another.

The programme grants 2.78 million € to literary translation and will support the translation of these books into 26 different European languages.

Altogether 400 applications were submitted by European publishers asking translation support for a total of 1678 books. Of these, 91 very high quality applications from 24 countries were selected for funding with an average grant of 30.500 €. Bulgaria proved the most successful applicant country this year with 10 selected applications, followed by Spain and Hungary, each with 8.
Note that as many as 24 of the authors that have so far won the EU Prize for Literature will receive support from the Culture Programme this year to have their books translated into 13 different European languages.

Friday, August 2, 2013

European Literature Night 2013

 "Now in its fifth year, and held simultaneously in capital cities across the continent, European Literature Night takes you on an enthralling reading journey across vivid cultural landscapes. The British Library hosts eight exceptional writers, from groundbreaking new talent to leading names. Joining BBC journalist and presenter Rosie Goldsmith for readings and conversation with Norbert Gstrein (Austria), Miha Mazzini (Slovenia), Erwin Mortier (Belgium/Flanders), Ece Temelkuran (Turkey), Jordi Punti (Spain/Catalonia) Jáchym Topol (Czech Republic) Birgit Vanderbeke (Germany) and Frank Westerman (Netherlands)." 

 Wed 15 May 2013,Conference Centre, the British Library