Thursday, February 10, 2011

All You Need Is Logan and DD

Logan, our new assistant editor at Absinthe and resident "wild boy", has been enjoying the new Mark Ronson-produced "album" by Duran Duran while working on issue #15 at the home office.

"All You Need is Now" has a sound reminiscent of the British band's early music from "Rio " and "Seven and the Ragged Tiger." Check it out for yourself with the video for the title song:


Anonymous said...

How criminal that on a blog about new European writing someone in"New Europe" can't watch the new Duran Duran video for copyright reasons.

El Cinéfilo Ignorante said...

Oh, Duran. I´ve been flicking thru your blog. It´s got lots of attractive ideas and contents about European stuff. To top it all, Duran Duran´s new song. Just brilliant. Thank you.

Dwayne D. Hayes said...

Thanks for reading!