Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Conservative Confirmation Or Progressive Lottery? The World of Czech Literary Awards

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Foto: Creative Commons/ Cian Ginty
Photo: http://visegradrevue.eu/?p=1250
The small Czech language community has lost its literary authorities. Czechs don't have time to read fiction; on the other hand, there are more fictional books being published than ever before. The contemporary situation in literature is generally perceived as that of a crisis or chaos. And the existing literary prizes play a considerable role in all of this.

The Czech Republic is a country with a relatively small book market; in spite of that, more than twenty literary and book prizes are awarded every year, of course excluding the daunting number of regional, genre and amateur prizes. My guess is that almost nobody in the various literary circles would be able to enumerate them all. If the current situation in literature lacks transparency and readers find it confusing, then this also applies to literary prizes.

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