Friday, February 15, 2013

30th International Conference on Psychology and the Arts

We are pleased to announce that the 30th International Conference on Psychology and the Arts will be held at theUniversity of Porto, Portugal, June 26-30, 2013. Our hosts will be Professor Diniz Cayolla Ribeiro and Professor José Pereira Bastos. The conference sponsors are the Institute of Research in ArtDesign and Society (i2ADS)University of Porto and the PsyArt Foundation.

Although the majority of the papers will be in English, depending upon submissions, we may also have sessions in French, German, and Portuguese. Papers should deal with any application of psychology—including psychoanalysis, object relations, feminist, Jungian, or Lacanian approaches, cognitive psychology, or neuroscience-- to the study of literature, film, painting, sculpture, music, or the other arts. Our conference is small (maximum 70 papers), very convivial, and draws scholars from around the world. We also welcome conferees who do not plan to present papers.

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