Thursday, March 3, 2011

Words Without Borders Goes to the Movies

The new issue of Words Without Borders is up and celebrates film with writers from across the globe.

Some of the highlights include fiction by Italian author Domenico Starnone (translated by Elizabeth Harris) and João Paulo Cuenca's story celebrating Mastroianni Day:

Mastroianni Day [Exp–Adj]: in accordance with the universal lexicon, a day is deemed to be “Mastroianni” (from Marcello, Italian actor, 1924–96) when spent merrily sauntering about in the company of beautiful women, blown along by the whim of circumstance, devoid of any sense of purpose. The classic “Mastroianni Day” requires a three-piece suit, dark sunglasses, and, preferably, a hat. Some lexicographers would also include compulsive self-adulation, the drinking of dry martinis and/or gin and tonics, shallow metaphysical crises, betting on horses, mixing in unfamiliar circles, and attending parties uninvited.

In addition, read an interview with Ukrainian author (and Absinthe contributor) Vasyl Makhno.

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