Thursday, March 10, 2011

Interview with Oscar-winning filmmaker Susanne Bier

On NPR's Fresh Air today, Terry Gross interviewed Danish film director Susanne Bier, whose film "In a Better World" won best foreign-language film at both the Academy Awards and the Golden Globes.

The discussion not only focused on Bier's award-winning film, but also covered topics including her acceptance speeches and the "vow of chastity" of the Dogme 95 movement, founded by Lars von Trier and Thomas Vinterberg:
I believe in rules. I believe in artistic limitations, and I always have. I've always thought that setting out a set of rules before you start, and then being completely consistent with them, is the only way to make a really good film. These particular [Dogme] rules are austerity rules. They force you to deal with the storyline and the characters, and that's it. And I thought it was a real challenge in a positive way. There was a number of good films coming out from this set of rules.

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