Monday, March 7, 2011

Interview with Ian McEwan

The British author Ian McEwan is interviewed by Nigel Farndale in The Telegraph, in a conversation that ranges from his friendships with Christopher Hitchens and John Updike, to death and atheism:

McEwan of course, like The Hitch and Dawkins, is an avowed atheist and when we talk about the Christian belief in an afterlife he says: “Do you think they really believe it? I’ve been to funerals where I was pretty sure the majority were atheists and they listened to the vicar say that the deceased had gone to a better place and everyone’s toes curled.
“We can’t prove it’s not so, but the chances that it is are rather meagre. If they did believe you all meet up again in this big theme park in the sky why were they crying? How can you say you believe in the afterlife and weep at the finality of death?”

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