Saturday, August 3, 2013

Support for the translation of European literature – Selection results out now!

This year the Culture Programme helps finance the translation of 493 books from one European language into another.

The programme grants 2.78 million € to literary translation and will support the translation of these books into 26 different European languages.

Altogether 400 applications were submitted by European publishers asking translation support for a total of 1678 books. Of these, 91 very high quality applications from 24 countries were selected for funding with an average grant of 30.500 €. Bulgaria proved the most successful applicant country this year with 10 selected applications, followed by Spain and Hungary, each with 8.
Note that as many as 24 of the authors that have so far won the EU Prize for Literature will receive support from the Culture Programme this year to have their books translated into 13 different European languages.

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