Saturday, August 24, 2013

Exhibition shows face of Europe's youth

From Deutsche Welle

A young, blond saleswoman in a supermarket, part of the I am not afraid of anything photography exhibition by Edgar Zippel in Berlin's Museum for European Cultures, Copyright: Museum Europäischer Kulturen

What does Europe's youth look like? What do Europe's young people want? What are they afraid of? In Berlin, a photo exhibition shows 100 portraits of young people from seven countries. 

He could be a referee: black knee socks, black shorts and a sports jacket, a strong young man with dark hair and round face. He looks like he's about to walk, appearing relaxed yet slightly skeptical.

His name is Daniel. He was born in 1989, but definitely looks older. "High school student," reads the photo caption. And that's all we learn at first.

Photographer Edgar Zippel keeps the viewer guessing as to which country his 100 subjects, aged 18 to 24, come from: Moldova, Poland, Iceland, Great Britain, Portugal, Italy, or Germany.

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