Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Literary Roundup: Translating world voices

From Literalab

The PEN World Voices festival is underway in New York, running from April 29 to May 5. There are a lot of great events, including Mikhail Shishkin speaking on a panel about book reviewers, a conversation with Polish author of Russians in Warsaw Agata Tuszyńska, a Literary Safari including Hungarian Noémi Szécsi and Czech Michal Ajvaz, who also are taking part in a cool-sounding panel on May 4 titled Invisible Cities, Visible Cities.

Then there are two giants of Central European writing in Claudio Magris and Norman Manea on a panel dealing with multilinguality as well as in conversation with one another on May 2. Not to scare anyone, but these two were scheduled to hold a NYC conversation last fall but were prevented by higher forces in the form of Hurricane Sandy. If this year’s event is cancelled as well because of a tornado or an unexpected snowstorm or an earthquake then I suggest not rescheduling but having them write out what they were going to say and just publishing the conversation as an essay.

The PEN World Voices program can be seen here.

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