Tuesday, August 2, 2011

European film collection goes online

A number of major collections of European cinema have banded together to create an online portal offering films, film photos and posters as well as documentation from the history of film. The European Film Gateway (EFG), launched on July 26th and to be completed by September, makes it possible to watch everything from turn of the 20th century documentary footage to early films of Rossellini and Antonioni online.

Additional material includes censorship documents, filmmakers’ correspondence and the 280 books contained in the digital library of La Cinémathèque française. A lot of technical bugs need to be worked out and many of the links don’t work yet, but EFG is already a formidable resource to delve into the past century and more of European cinema.

For more on the project click here …

Photo – Rainer Werner Fassbinder on the set of “The Merchant of Four Seasons” (1971) – Source: Deutsches Filminstitut / Collection Peter Gauhe


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