Sunday, January 29, 2012

Featured book: Letters of Blood and Other English Writings

We recently learned about the publisher Open Book Publishers and the release of the book Letters of Blood and Other English Writings of Göran Printz-Påhlson, edited by Robert Archambeau. This book is a collection of criticism, prose, and poetry by Printz-Påhlson, the Swedish born but internationally known critic, essayist, translator, poet, and teacher. We suggest taking a look at Letters of Blood (read one of the poems excerpted below) and other offerings from the publisher.

Raining no longer. (Water like a mirror)
The words are all bright in your mouth.
White light on the wet pavement. Language a mirror
Or another way of breathing outside your mouth?
We are speaking and the words are all white.
The wind speaks to the rain and the rain to the sea
And the wind is blowing, though just a bit.
Do you think language is anything like the sea?
The rain is wholly adequate and one can see
That the wind is precise. Words rain into the sea
And no words are drowning.
We gather here in groups. In the blowing
Wind words whistle pure and tender:
The sea forgets what everyone cannot remember.

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