Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Absinthe #16: Line-Maria Lang

"It wasn’t me.  It was mostly the chicken.  The chicken was always pushing.  The rabbit was the one who went along with the worst; right up until it had second thoughts.  It was the one who ruined everything sometimes.  But it was the cow who exposed us.  It was the cow who just couldn’t keep its mouth shut, who was the schemer, who gossiped about me to the others and about the others to me.  The ape was the humorous one, the one who could always get me laughing afterwards.  The horse was my friend.  They sat on my right hand.  The chicken on my thumb, the rabbit on my index finger, the cow on my middle finger, the ape on my ring finger, and the horse upon my pinky."

from "The Chicken, the Rabbit, the Cow, the Ape, and the Horse" by Line-Maria Lang in Absinthe #16.

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