Monday, April 18, 2011

Absinthe Recommends: Music

A preview of our music recommendations coming up in Absinthe 15:

Star of Love by Crystal Fighters
Zirkulo Records

Basque-via-London band Crystal Fighters has crafted a curious amalgam of influences on their debut album. Basque instrumentation is blended with various dance music styles, pop, and rock. A heavy metal guitar line runs through “I Do This Everyday”. The melodic synthpop of “At Home” reminds of Dream Academy’s “Life in A Northern Town” while “Swallow” welds dubstep bass breaks to folk strumming. Catchy and fun. 
Revolution No. 5 by Sick Girls

The Sick Girls are a DJ/production duo from Berlin who meld various global urban music styles on this mix CD. The mix kicks off as dense and funky as prime Meat Beat Manifesto, moving on to connect the dots between the spare, echo-laden dubstep of Tricky D’s “Latin Seed”, the Baltimore club of Solly, Natalie Storm’s dancehall refix “Play Di Ting” and the Sick Girls’ own video game bleep/two-step shuffle “V-Skank”. Eventually, the music drops out, and the line “this chick is a sick individual” repeats over and over, drawing a close to an exhilarating 40 minutes. 

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