Monday, January 31, 2011

Literary Magazines in Germany

If you think we like literary magazines (or magazines in general) then you would be right and so an article like Big Ideas for Little Money: The Boom in Literary Magazines at the Goethe Institute site definitely catches our eye. It takes a look at three new literary magazines:
[SIC] is a magazine project that places text in direct relation to illustration; um[laut] appears under the bold subtitle of “junge kunst. politische kunst. mindestens” (i.e. young art. political art. at least). radar, by contrast, sees itself as a cultural mediator between Germany, Poland and Ukraine and, logically enough, is published as a trilingual magazine.
The article quotes Michael Braun as referring to literary magazine editors as “literature-mad mavericks and stubborn types who do not let meagre returns deter their passion for literature and who have retained a dogged ambition to discover literary talents and forgotten texts”.

I've definitely met a few editors matching that description.

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