Friday, July 3, 2009

Absinthe Summer Sale

It can't be summer without a good summer sale and some fine reading for your holiday.

Well, Absinthe is here to help you out. Absinthe is offering a summer sale now through August 31st. Purchase any back issue (except sold out issue #3) for only $5 (postage included; $10 outside the United States). This is a great opportunity to complete your Absinthe set. Additionally, until August 31st you can order a LIFETIME subscription to Absinthe for only $100! Yes, you read that correctly ... receive a LIFETIME subscription to Absinthe for only $100 (for international subscribers the lifetime rate is $200).

To learn more or to order visit our web site.


J.L. DeFrank said...

Hi- I'm a fan of Absinthe and thought other Absinthe readers might be interested in some contests Narrative Magazine is offering! Check it out!

Anonymous said...

For a hot summer in fact absinthe is really good and refreshing!
So do you know Pernod Absinthe? I've tested it and it's really good.
There is a link with pictures of the bottle and some stars.