Monday, March 9, 2009

Marica Bodrožić

The Croatian-born German poet and fiction writer Marica Bodrožić is featured in an article on the Goethe-Institut web site.

The experience of being foreign, of translation into another world and language, of arriving in a new sphere, and of being cut off from the past and losing it, all find poetic expression in the eleven “dream-real” stories in the volume entitled Der Windsammler(i.e., The Gatherer of Winds, 2007). More intensely than in Tito ist tot and Der Spieler der inneren Stunde, the author here trusts her associative-creative linguistic imagination. The dreamy, fairy-tale-like tone does not make the reading easier – but it does make it more exciting and, finally, more exhilarating.

Sounds interesting but it doesn't look like any of her work is available in English yet.

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Monica Carter said...

I agree. This sounds like something well worth being translated. We need more translations from Croatia and the Eastern European countries in general. Let's hope a publisher picks her up soon.