Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Edith Grossman

Check out the recent article on Spanish-language translator Edith Grossman in Bookforum here.

I have a small but interesting connection to Grossman: She co-translated, along with Allen Ginsburg, a chapbook of the work of Carlos Edmundo de Ory, a Spanish poet whose work I've been translating. Though the chapbook was printed, it was never distributed; it was deemed to have too many problems by the publisher and most of the copies were destroyed. Only a handful of copies still exist (I was fortunate to obtain one a couple of years ago in Spain from Jaume Pont, an Ory scholar). Grossman herself has never seen the edition (I need to at least send her a photocopied version), and no one I've spoken to at the Allen Ginsburg trust had any notion of its existence.

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